Arte Fresca is a grassroots, underground, art movement that is focused on local artists, live music and NO ATTITUDE! Our mission is to bring the local arts and music of the area to the forefront of the scene in San Diego, all the while meeting other like-minded people and having a great time minus any of the attitude.

Arte Fresca began in the summer of 2010 in San Diego, CA from a crazy idea and a passion for local art and music. A group of local artists, musicians and friends got together to form Arte Fresca in early 2010; we held our first show on June 11th at an apartment in Ocean Beach. The idea was to showcase local artists and musicians in a low pressure and fun atmosphere without the attitude that can sometimes come along with this scene. We moved all of the furniture out of the apartment, filled the walls with art, put a dj inside, a band outside, and gathered all of our friends. The art flew off the walls, everyone had a blast, and Arte Fresca was born!

Although we have moved on from doing shows at the apartment in Ocean Beach, we still have the same philosophy and passion for the local art and music scene in San Diego. You can catch an Arte Fresca show at some of our favorite venues in the area such as the Ruby Room, Bluefoot Bar and Lounge, Mosaic Wine Bar and Gallery, and more!! We are involved in a show or an event about once a month so keep your eye out for Arte Fresca.

What is Arte Fresca looking for in a local artist, musician, dj, photographer, designer, etc.? Arte Fresca is looking for participants with a passion and a love for all of the arts. All we ask is that you are serious, committed and willing to attend the events and support the community. We are up for anything new and different, so don’t be afraid to pitch us your idea.

Want to join Arte Fresca for a show? If you are a local artist or musician who wants to join in our mission and have some fun with Arte Fresca, contact us here and find us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all the other social media sites. Please check out the guidelines for showing with Arte Fresca before submitting your interest. Please submit art samples and links to your work or music along with your inquiry. Thank you!